About Solana

Solana Consulting exists to help build leading organisations.

Solana means ‘Sunny Outlook’ and we firmly believe that a leading organisation should always take a positive view - there is always a way to improve.

The founder of Solana Consulting has been fortunate enough to see, develop and instil inspiring practices and values in commercial and educational institutions around the globe.

At Solana, We continue to be inspired by these organisations and like them are driven by:

  • Clearly defined values that are lived and breathed daily by our team
  • A great sense of team spirit
  • Highly performing people and processes
  • An open and collaborative environment between ourselves and our clients


A message from our founder, Brett Smith…

“I have seen Leadership, Business Acumen, Sales, Teamthe results, climate and engagement that come when leadership and a positive culture are truly embraced by the leaders of an organisation. I have also seen too many companies paying lip-service to leadership and culture – and the resultant negative impact this has. I now work with organisations and leaders who understand the value of their people to help them build their leading organisation.

I have been very fortunate to work with, learn and develop some of the best leaders, and (un)fortunate enough to work for some of the worst. Fifteen years ago, I worked with an inspiring, inclusive and authoritative leader and I recognised the impact this had on my productivity, engagement and joy for what I did – the impact of this experience changed my career from a technical focus, to a people focus. My mission is to now help your organisation, and your leaders, realise the results that come when your employees are influenced by this type of leader.

Check out my blog, where I share some of the secrets, or contact us for a brief discussion about how you can build a leading organisation.”

If you’d like to find out more about the work we do here at Solana Consulting and would like to talk to us about building your leading organisation, we would love to hear from you.