Breaking Down Silos in a Commercial Team


A senior management team responsible for the commercial operation of a business including Sales, Brand Marketing, Customer Service, Product Management, Communications, Clinical Support & Education were facing challenges with a silo mentality. Each department was looking out for their own best interests, which led to slow progress toward organisational goals. – a true silo mentality.


Facilitation of a team development session to break down the silo mentality, and to align each department leader to the organisation’s broader goals as opposed to their own agenda. This included the use of a behavioural profiling tool to understand each other’s communication and behavioural preference, as well as a session to align all departmental goals under one collective team purpose


  • The team created a catch-cry that was used at the commencement of each subsequent meeting
  • Team members had a deeper understanding of each other’s behavioural styles which enables more effective discussion amongst team members
  • Alignment and prioritisation of projects to organisation goals led to removal of non-value add projects freeing up and allowing a reallocation of expenditure for value-adding projects