Financial Acumen and Expense Control


Facing pricing pressure from customers due to competitive and reimbursement activity, this organisation was facing significant budget cuts. In order to educate employees on the financial aspects of the business, there was a need for some financial acumen training.


Educated over 120 employees on the basics of business finance and strategy using Zodiak® the game of Business Finance and Strategy. The session teaches the basics of operational business finance, including:

  • Financing a business
  • Purchase of materials from suppliers
  • Adding value through production effort
  • Margin effect upon selling to customers
  • Cash collection – days sales outstanding
  • Capital investing including depreciation and amortisation
  • SG&A Expensing
  • Investment decisions
  • Lean finance and operations
  • Preparation of key financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement)
  • Analysis of key financial metrics including Return on Equity,

These sessions were supported with quarterly “Look Behind the Numbers” sessions – to allow employees to rationalise the quarterly results and provide deeper understanding of the business.


Employees had a greater understanding of the finance of the business. A 15% expense budget cut was enabled due to cost-centre managers and employees’ greater understanding of how the business turns the operational activities into cash and profit.