Coaching Skills for Managers


Employee morale in large department with 43 employees and five high-performing senior managers was low. Several high potential junior employees abruptly left the organisation. During exit interviews, the domineering nature of the senior managers was the contributing factor to turnover. Further investigation revealed that the senior managers’ leadership style was an autocratic style, brought about by their individual brilliance in prior roles. The “do as I say” mentality, and low-levels of involvement with their team members led to the turnover.


Developed a coaching program for the senior managers. Key elements of the program were:

  • The new mindset required to succeed in a senior management position – following Marshall Goldsmith’s “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There” philosophy – helped the managers realise their role is now to get the best out of their team members – not to merely tell them how to do their work.
  • A coaching conversation model to teach the managers how to engage in a conversation through questioning, listening and joint problem-solving rather than dictating.
  • Emotional Intelligence training to help managers realise the impact of their own behaviour on other’s emotional state.
  • Situational Leadership II® training – to teach managers when to tell as opposed to letting the individual define the method.


  • 12 months post the program– voluntary turnover from the department was 0%.
  • The senior managers received consistent feedback from their employees that their new management style was motivating and inspiring – this was both direct and via the course facilitator.
  • Requests from employees in other departments to transfer to this department increased significantly.
  • Communication and collaboration between the senior managers increased due to a common learning approach.