Frontline Leadership Development


A heavily regulated manufacturing organisation was facing issues with production staff morale, absenteeism, productivity, and conflict. An increasing level of union membership and a potential move to unionise the workforce, led the senior management to recognise the importance of solid leadership skills in their frontline team leaders.


Development of a frontline leadership program emphasising, the role the team leader plays, how to motivate and engage employees, how to develop people in a production environment and how to build cohesive team mentality. Implemented the program to all Team Leaders, Line Leaders and Production Supervisors over a 12-month period.

Regular coaching sessions for the individual managers to help personalise and focus their particular areas of development supported the program.


  • A reduction in HR-related workplace investigations
  • Union involvement minimised, and a move by the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union to represent the workforce was voted against by the employees – showing an increased level of trust between employees and organisation leadership
  • The value of the program in Sydney, led to it being expanded to include US and Singapore based production environments.