Improving Team Engagement


An internal service function was at a dangerously low-level of engagement.  Three department leaders in a three year period, a 50% staff turnover in two years, and poor results delivered to the organisation, had the team at risk of being eliminated, and the service being outsourced at financial and cultural cost.


Multiple team development sessions were held with the team to discuss and plan how they should best contribute to the organisation's goals.  Team members identified the projects, processes, systems and responsibilities that would have the greatest impact on the organisation's strategy.  The identified activities were discussed and agreed with the senior management team to ensure they were the most valued activities the team should perform.


The team identified 18 areas of focus for them to progress the organisation's strategy.  All 18 of these were developed and delivered within one year.  The team's passion and engagement index reached 100% within the team - showing 100% positive commitment to the organisation.  Employee turnover reduced to 0% and maintained that level for five years.