Change Leadership

“The only constant is change”

It seems like change is more and more prevalent. In order to maintain a competitive advantage, change is an almost daily requirement of any organisation. Whether it is the introduction of a new system or process, launching a new product, entering a new market, or a merger of two or more entities, how effectively your organisation handles this change will determine your success.

Change efforts are derailed or fail for predictable reasons. If you address these reasons, you increase the likelihood of successfully driving the much-needed change in your organisation.

That is where Solana Consulting can help!

Following our belief that “change is something you should do with people, not to them”, we provide well-proven methods to help your team lead change through your entire organisation. The planning process and subsequent change leadership activities, will create an overwhelming sense of buy-in, commitment and contribution to the change, and will make your change stick.

Solana Consulting help you:

  • Assess your organisation’s readiness for change
  • Develop an action plan to successfully lead a current change effort
  • Build change leadership capability within your organisation
  • Develop the characteristics and behaviours of a change-adaptive organisation

Are you facing a period of change and are worried about initiating, implementing andsuccessfully sustaining? Talk to Solana Consulting today about a change leadership solution.

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