Leadership Development

To ensure that you have a positive, productive and profitable organisation, it is vital that you have well-developed leaders

Solana Consulting uses the internationally renowned, researched and proven methodologies of Ken Blanchard. We give your people the tools and skills they need to shape them into confident leaders who can inspire, encourage and develop the rest of your workforce.

We understand the distinction between leadership and management. Both are vital to the success of your organisation, and we ensure your people have the right mix of each. Our role is to help you ensure that your leaders can manage, and your managers can lead.

All of our development activities are supported by data gathered through:

  • Talent identification processes
  • 360 degree feedback assessment
  • Behavioural and preference profiling with Myers Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) and DiSC
  • Working styles and preferences

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productivity and profitability.

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