Team Development

To become a truly high performing team in any organisation, team members need to build trust, engage in construct conflict, commit to action, and hold each other accountable to deliver their results.

It takes more than the occasional team building exercise to build high performance. Teams need a facilitated discussion to agree their norms, understand their team dynamics and define actions they can take to progress the team.

A constant cycle of training and feedback must be deployed, and the size of the team and the members’ roles must be carefully balanced if you’re to gain optimum performance from all employees.

Team Development from Solana Consulting:

  • Increase team member engagement to their purpose and goals
  • Clearly establishes members' roles, team rules and processes
  • Defines team conflict ground rules so members can engage constructively and become more productive
  • Provides a deep understanding of team member’s working styles to improve collaboration and communication
  • Provides a clear set of actions the team must take to deliver their results and exceed performance expectations
  • Provides mechanisms to minimise destructive “silos” that prevent teams interacting constructively within your organisation

If you have one or more teams within your organisation that could benefit from
a structured development plan, please get in touch with Solana Consulting today.

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