I have worked with Brett from many different perspectives.  As a National Account Manager transitioning to a Regional Manager who would be managing people for the first time, as a rising leader in the company working with a cross-functional team to improve communication across the organization, and as a resource looking for ideas to motivate and connect with the team in a different way.  In every interaction with Brett I came away with a new idea or approach that could be implemented immediately. Brett was a very valuable resource to me and my teams.

Brett is the most energetic and enthusiastic presenter I have ever worked with.  He keeps the audience engaged even with the most skeptical groups and his attitude is infectious.  Brett’s ability to understand the complex but break it down to the simple is one of his strongest assets.  He can connect with anyone in the organization and speak on their level.  Additionally his seemingly unlimited anecdotal stories to strengthen his point shows how quickly his mind works to comprehend, connect and communicate with his audience.

Area Vice-President, Sales