Why Use Solana

At Solana Consulting we have a proven, and excellent international track record for building high performance teams and cultures, and instilling leadership excellence in the organisations we work with.

Our Values

We value great leaders - inspiring leaders who build leading organisations
We value people - everyone has a valuable contribution to make and the best results come from your whole team’s involvement
We value open and honest communication - this is the foundation of a trusting relationship
We value knowledge - continual learning in an endeavour to be the best we can be
We value fun - after all; why work, if it’s not something you love to do.

We are the only Western Australian company who are certified partners with the following:

  • Blanchard Leadership Methodologies
  • Zodiak Business Acumen Development Simulation
  • Blackdot Sales Enablement Platform

We are able to step above your daily challenges to identify approaches, utilising our partners and other world-class resources, to create a customised solution which is tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs.

We provide a unique and systematic approach to your success by making your workplace more productive and your teams more positively engaged. Are you ready to build a leading organisation?